007plus T5 Plus Fitness Tracker Health Sleep Monitor Pedometer Activity Tracker Wristband (Purple)

007plus T5 Plus Fitness Tracker Health Sleep Monitor Pedometer Activity Tracker Wristband (Purple)
11 Nov

Product Features

  • Light Weight;Touch design, Waterproof IP67;Cloud social circle interaction
  • Movement monitoring;Sleep monitoring+Alarm clock reminder;Snyc Sports Data, Share with Friends
  • Display Health Parameters;APP of the new revision;Synchronize Data;Caller ID and message
  • Self-timer artifact;Looking for mobile phones;Sedentary Reminder,Push Reminder:Support Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Message,Line,SMS etc.
  • Top3 Pedometers 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3o3oV9OMTc
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Product Description

007plus® T5 Plus Fitness Tracker Health Sleep Monitor Pedometer Activity Tracker Wristband, Black
only fit for IOS7.0 or above and android 4.3 or above,not fit for windows phone or other systems
1. Display Health Parameters This Smart Bracelet can display the time, steps, distance and calorie clearly. Let you know your sports data right now!
2. Snyc Sports Data When Bluetooth paired, you can sync your data to it.
3. Sleep Monitoring Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motions every night (including light sleep and deep sleep).
4. Push Reminder(Support Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Skype,Message,Line,SMS etc.)
When you have calls or SMS, the smart bracelet will vibrate to remind you.
5. Remote Capture You can take photos of whole family without other help, just use “remote capture” function.
6. Looking Phone When you can’t find your phone, our smart bracelet will be useful! As long as you use the “looking phone” function .
1. Bluetooth 4.0 low-power smart bracelet OLED display
2. Dual-mode control: touch control
3. Unique USB charging design,can be filled 45 minutes (by using the 5V, 1A regular charger)
4. APP Support Download “Zeroner” APP from Apple Store and Google Play Store.
5. The lithium-ion battery: 75mAH, Working hours: 5 to 7 days (longer battery life)
Note:We do not suggest to wear for swimming, if there’s any operational problem that harass you, please e-mail us, we will assist further

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