Reehut 1/4-Inch High Density – Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap for Fitness & Workout (Blue)

Yoga & Workout Mats
03 Aug

Make Fitness Fun, Safe and Comfortable!

Ask any seasoned yogi and they’ll tell you that regular stretching helps keep the body young
and healthy. But as with any fitness regimen, using the proper equipment is crucial to ensure
your safety, comfort and wellbeing during exercise.

The all-purpose Yoga Mat from Reehut helps you get the most out of your workouts! Each
lightweight pad measures 72″x24″ and is 1/4″ thick, offering you a comfortable cushion that
cradles the body while you stretch. For added safety, the mat features a non-slip design that
prevents it from bottoming out, minimizing the risk of injury.

While it’s great for aerobic activities like yoga and Pilates, our mat is completely versatile
and offers something for the whole family! Take it outdoors for some soft seating while
camping and fishing, or give your little one a comfortable surface to crawl on. With a bonus
carrying strap included with purchase, you can easily take it on the go or roll it up for storage!

The Reehut team puts quality above all else when designing new products! For our yoga
mats, that means high density PVC. It’s flexible, easy to clean and is approved by RoHS,
PAHs, 6P and REACH. The only question is, which of the 7 colors is right for you?

Why Choose Our Yoga Mat?

– Versatile and fun to use
– Carrying sling included
– Easy to clean and eco-friendly
– Available in 7 colors
– Made of high density PVC

Try Today Risk Free with Our 1-Year Warranty!

*Supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

Order Your Yoga Mat Now and Enjoy Versatile Comfort!

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