Stivate Exercise Yoga Mat 1/4” Thick, Lightweight, Easy Travel, Easy Storing Fitness Mat – Premium Mat Purple

Yoga & Workout Mats
03 Aug

Our goal in creating our exercise mat Premium series was to create a mat that is lightweight for travel, the ideal thickness for all exercises and poses, does not slip, and rolls up easily taking very little space when storing. Not only is the thickness of a exercise yoga mat crucial when exercising but when you roll up a thick mat it is huge and cumbersome making it difficult to store or take with you. We found in our research that an 1/8″ is too thin and 1/2″ is too big and squishy for exercises. Our determination was that a 1/4″ mat is the ideal thickness for all types of exercise when taking travel and storing into account. At 1/4″ thick (.6cm) it is 72″ long (a full 6 feet) it weighs only 1/2 a pound. You read that right, it is incredibly lightweight. One of the lightest mats available. It comes in a variety of colors, not too bright. As a multi-purpose mat it can be used for yoga and all exercises alike, it is very comfortable on the body keeping your joints and muscles off of hard surfaces. We believe you will appreciate the balance of light weight, comfort and affordability.

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