Thick Exercise Yoga Floor Mat Nbr 24 X 71 Inches Great for Camping Cardio Workouts Pilates Gymnastics

Yoga & Workout Mats
03 Aug


Great for any workout that needs a MAT, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics also great for camping or just relaxing and its even great for tanning by the beach

This Is great outdoor and indoor MAT, ideally to use as a floor carpet in your bedroom or for your pet to relax and play on it.

Soft textured surface, Great comfort, provides cushioning for your body, when laying down on our mat you feel the softness that will make you feel relaxed. Mat Dimensions: 71 inches long, 24 inches wide and 1/3 inch thickness, comes in different colors,

This yoga is manufactured from the so-called Clean NBR, made from Eco-conscious ingredients. As a result, this is versatile and highly durable yoga mat is an excellent choice for any kind of practice, and if durability is an issue, you could always recycle it, since it’s so neutral to the environment. Extra thick and soft, this mat enables comfortable yoga practice by providing cushioning for your knees, ankles, and other sensitive areas.

As of June, 2020, it is available in three colors. Absolutely not toxic – made of Eco-conscious materials!

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